Bowlspiration: Mix & Match auf deinem Teller

Bowlspiration: Mix & Match on your plate

Take what the fridge has to offer! In order to get the highest possible nutrient density, you should make sure to have different food groups on your plate: e.g. proteins, healthy fats as well as raw, cooked and fermented vegetables, seeds and nuts or microgreens.

Complex carbohydrate-rich foods such as rice, pasta, quinoa or even pumpkin and sweet potatoes ensure a good satiety.

In addition, there are plenty of vegetables or fruits for vitamins and fibers - preferably in different preparations, i.e. raw, boiled, baked or fermented. Fermented vegetables also add valuable probiotic cultures to your plate!

A protein component such as tofu or legumes should not be missing, but hummus, for example, also fits here.

Healthy fats should also be included, which can be supplemented with avocado, nuts, seeds or nut butter, for example. But of course a dressing with high-quality oil such as olive or rapeseed also works here.

A sauce or dip is always good anyway, but you can also combine them, for example yoghurt sauce plus salsa.

The bowl is perfect with toppings such as microgreens and/or seeds.

Leftovers from the day before can be processed here just as well as fresh vegetables from the market or from the garden.

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