About SUUR and Good Cultures

Using the age-old method of fermentation, we give fresh vegetables a "culture shock" and transform them into acidic SUUR superfood. That is good food culture for us! But we want even more good culture: uncompromisingly organic and sustainable cultivation of our raw materials, absolute transparency in processing and marketing and fairness in communication and cooperation.

Come to our table and let yourself be surprised! We invite you to become a part of our magic circle! With each of our glasses you also open your heart for good cultures!

  • Regional

    We are partners of Regionalwert AG Hamburg and source around 90% of our raw materials from the metropolitan region.

  • 100% organic

    All the ingredients we use come from controlled organic cultivation.

  • Social

    We operate as a self- owned steward-owned company.


You can already hear it from the name: SUUR is Low German and means "sour" - just like our delicious vegetable ferments. The hand in our logo shows the gesture for "I love you" - with this we say what our heart beats for: Best living Krauts & Kimchi!

To our products

Our manufactory

Our production is located in the beautiful wild Wendland in Hitzacker on the Elbe. In addition to cabbage and kimchi, we love the fresh breeze here and the chatter that gets by with just a few words. We produce all our vegetable ferments ourselves in a 600 square meter factory built according to ecological standards. In this way, our fermentistas can follow the fermentation process precisely and also produce small seasonal specials.


We love cabbage & kimchi. In the SUUR-Kitchen we show you how we like to combine SUUR, give you fermentation recipes and much more.

  • Martin


  • goals

    production manager

  • Theo

    Sales & IT

  • Lorenz & Florian

    Production team leader

  • Swantje

    Founder & Marketing

  • Carsten

    Founder & Brand

Our hard-working production team

Manuela, Anja, Peter S, Peter B., Sabine, Marec, Thio and Tim ensure that there is always fresh cabbage and kimchi in the refrigerated section!