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Here we answer questions that we are often asked. If you have a question or concern that isn't answered here, our team is here to help! You can reach us by phone Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on +49 (0)5862 20 89 990!

SUUR products

Warum sind eure Produkte teurer geworden?

Wir sagen, wie es ist: Die letzten beiden Jahre waren nicht einfach. Die Kosten für unsere Rohwaren, Verpackung und Energie und Transport sind enorm gestiegen, z.T. mehr als 50%! Daher müssen wir nun die Preise für unsere Produkte im Shop um je 1 € anpassen. Als Ausgleich sparst du dafür ab sofort die Versandkosten ab einem Bestellwert von 45 €!

How and where are SUUR products made?

In north-eastern Lower Saxony in Wendland we have built our own production facility according to ecological standards. The entire preparation and fermentation process as well as bottling, logistics and sales are handled by us on 600 square meters. Since the fermentation process is very complex, our varieties are produced in batches with a lot of love and dedication. This is how we ensure our quality and always have an eye on the development of our good cultures that are in every glass of SUUR.

Where do the ingredients come from?

An important aspect of our recipe development is regionality and wherever possible we avoid ingredients that have traveled far. All our raw materials are ecologically produced. We prefer to use regional ingredients - around 90% of our raw materials come from the metropolitan region of Hamburg, which we buy from various farms and producers. We also consciously process vegetables that are unsuitable for normal trade, for example because they are not optically flawless or do not correspond to the required sizes - goodbye to food waste!

What kind of salt do you use?

We only use German rock salt without any additives.

Is SUUR organic & vegan?

Well, all of our products are organic - we don't put anything else in our glasses! In addition, vegan and gluten-free and only from non-GMO ingredients. So enjoy it!

What is the best way to eat SUUR?

Actually, you can eat SUUR cabbage and kimchi with almost all (savory) dishes. So you don't have to cook extra elaborately or differently than usual. Just top your salad, mix it in your bowl or put it on your sandwich...

Basically, fermented foods should not be heated above 40°C if you want to benefit from the healthy microbiotic cultures. We therefore recommend that you do not stir or cook our products in hot meals. But of course the good taste and, for example, some vitamins and fibers are retained even after heating, so that there is nothing to be said against occasional cooked or heated consumption!

Have a look at the SUUR-Kitchen or get inspired on Instagram .

How long do SUUR ferments last?

Our SUUR products ferment for different lengths of time over several weeks. After bottling, the ferments are cooled down and sent to your home or to the organic retail trade. That's why you'll always find our products in the refrigerated section.

From production, our products can be kept refrigerated for at least eight months, but mostly stay fresh and edible for much longer - even long after the best-before date has expired.

How to keep your SUUR ferments as long as possible:

It is important to always keep opened jars cool and always remove your portion of cabbage with a clean spoon. So please don't eat straight from the glass - even if it's so delicious! And when you close it again, please push all the pieces down along the edge. This means your SUUR vegetables can be kept for a long time even after they have been opened for the first time.

Please note, however, that the fermentation does not stop completely even during cooling, so that the taste and consistency can continue to change. This is a sign of liveliness and quality!

Bubbling, hissing, buzzing - is that normal?

Carbonic acid and other gases are produced during fermentation, so bubbling, sizzling or hissing when opened is normal. However, this does not have to happen, since this gas development varies in strength during natural fermentation.

Do the SUUR glasses have to be kept in the fridge?

Yes. While ferments do not go bad immediately when stored at room temperature, the fermentation remains active and the product changes in acidity, taste, texture and color.


What is fermentation?

Fermentation means the conversion of organic substances by microorganisms. Food has been fermented all over the world for thousands of years because it makes it easier to digest, healthier and lasts longer. Sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt and coffee are just a few.

The fermentation process itself is simple and ingenious: organic vegetables fresh from the field are cleaned, then chopped up, mixed with salt (and possibly spices) and mashed. Then it is layered in barrels and hermetically sealed. Depending on the recipe and ingredient, you now have to wait – between a few days and several weeks. At Suur, we rely on wild and natural fermentation, which means that we do not add so-called starter cultures. Lactic acid bacteria, which are naturally found in vegetables, multiply, pre-digest the starchy components of the vegetable and convert them into acid. It's great that only microorganisms that are harmless or even very healthy for us humans can multiply in the acidic environment, other bacteria or mold cultures or similar don't stand a chance here!

Why are fermented vegetables so healthy?

Vegetables are already super healthy in themselves: vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fibers and much more... Fermentation makes them even healthier: they contain even more vitamins and enzymes that are more readily available to the body. It also becomes more digestible by converting sugar and starch into acid. Since our SUUR ferments are always raw and never pasteurized, the living microorganisms responsible for fermentation also reach your intestinal flora. The probiotic lactic acid cultures from raw fermented foods can effectively support your microbiome and thus your immune system. There are now many studies that suggest that fermented foods contribute to a healthy diet!

Probiotic cultures from fermented vegetables are the task force for your intestinal flora. Unfortunately, since they cannot settle there permanently, you have to send new teams down regularly. This means you should eat fermented vegetables regularly: every day for optimal effect. The best way is to simply incorporate fermented vegetables into your daily diet: on bread, with salad or soup... It is best to start with small portions so that you and your intestinal flora get used to them. Basically, you can eat as many fermented vegetables as you want or like. Children and pregnant women also benefit from the health benefits of fermented vegetables. If in doubt, always ask your doctor/midwife.

How Much Fermented Vegetables Should I Eat?

Since your gut may need some time to get used to the new roommates, start with 1-2 tablespoons of herb or kimchi. Gladly together with a meal that you tolerate well, for example on your favorite bread.

If you are unsure because you have health problems, please ask your doctor before consumption.

Can you heat fermented vegetables?

Of course you can heat Suur vegetables or stir them into hot dishes and enjoy the delicious taste.

Basically, fermented foods should not be heated above 40°C if you want to benefit from the healthy microbiotic cultures. We therefore recommend that you do not stir or cook our products in hot meals. But of course the good taste and, for example, some vitamins and fibers are retained even after heating, so that there is nothing to be said against occasional cooked consumption!

Have a look at the Suur-Kitchen or get inspired on Instagram.

What does wild or natural fermentation mean?

Wild or natural fermentation means that no so-called starter cultures are added to initiate the fermentation. Only the cultures on the vegetables or in the surrounding area are used to start the fermentation.

help with problems

What happens if the cold chain is broken?

Fermented foods have been made and used since before refrigeration devices existed. So it's no big deal if the cold chain is interrupted once - although this can change the best-before date, the taste and the consistency. Since the fermentation process also continues at higher temperatures, the contents can also be under more pressure - so be careful when opening!

Let your senses advise you - but if you are unsure, we advise you to stop consuming the product!

Beim Versand / Transport ist Lake ausgetreten - schadet das den Produkten?

Alle unsere Krauts und Kimchis werden unpasteurisiert abgefüllt. Das bedeutet, dass sie nicht erhitzt werden und damit auch kein Vakuum beim Abfüllen entsteht. Durch stärkere Erschütterungen beim Transport oder sehr aktive Fermentation kann es manchmal dazu kommen, das Lake durch den Deckelrand gepresst wird. Das beeinträchtigt die Qualität des Produktes und die Haltbarkeit nicht!

What happens if the seal label is damaged or the lid is not properly closed?

Since our products are not pasteurized, there is no vacuum during filling. This means that there is no typical noise when the lid is opened. Due to the lively fermentation, the ferment may hiss or bubble when opened, but no noise is normal either.

Due to the fermentation pressure, it can sometimes happen that the lid is not closed correctly and / or the seal label is damaged - this is also no reason that the ferment is no longer edible. The same applies here: let your senses decide - but if you are worried, stop using the product.

What does it mean if the lid bulges and it bubbles when the jar is opened? Also, does it smell bad?

It's alive! Live cultures work even when the lid of the jar is closed. So if the lid bulges or it hisses and fizzes when you open it, that's actually a sign that everything is going according to plan. The cultures do their job and ensure your special SUUR taste experience. And that includes an unfamiliar, possibly strong smell...

A white or brownish layer has formed on my SUUR vegetables. is that mold

If you have always stored the jar in a cool place and always removed your herb with clean cutlery, mold is extremely unlikely. When fermenting - especially with fresh vegetables - Kahm yeast can occasionally develop. This Kahm yeast layer is not harmful. For reasons of taste, however, we recommend that you simply remove the layer and eat everything that lies underneath.

Packing & Shipping

What do I do with the beautiful empty SUUR glasses?

We use water-lye-soluble labels, which means that you can remove the labels on our glasses with warm water, washing-up liquid and a sponge.

So you are welcome to store and reuse the SUUR glasses. We are happy when our jars find a new use: They are ideal as drinking vessels, storage for spices etc., for homemade jam or as decorative containers.

If you don't find any further use, you can empty them into the nearest white glass container.

What do I do with the packaging material (cold pack / insulating fleece)?

Unfortunately, we cannot reuse our shipping materials because returning them is not economically feasible.

You are welcome to use the materials yourself for packages, use the cold pack for your chilled purchases or use our hemp fleece in the garden as a bed cover or compost improvement.

Why do you only ship once a week?

We ship once a week, namely on Wednesdays. By shipping on one day, we can assume that the package will arrive within 1-2 days with a normal delivery time and that the cold chain will not be interrupted as a result. This means that deliveries of orders from Tuesday afternoon to Friday take a little longer than is usual in online retail.

Why is your shipping so expensive?

We've been calculating, planning and thinking for ages, but the best way to get SUUR fermented vegetables on your plate is to buy them from your local health food store, as shipping chilled products individually is very time-consuming and not very sustainable. Of course we are still looking forward to your order and will do our best so that you can enjoy SUUR with you as soon as possible!

The shipping costs are made up as follows:

  • €0.63 carton
  • €0.70 cold packs
  • 4.90 € ecological insulating fleece made of hemp
  • €0.20 wrapping paper
  • €0.20 adhesive tape
  • €0.30 Printed matter
  • €5.45 shipping costs charged to us by the shipping service provider.

Total: €12.18, which we have to pay for shipping - of which we charge you €9.95

Which countries do you ship to?

We currently only ship within Germany.

Can I also buy SUUR in stores?

Yes, we are even very happy if you buy SUUR in your trusted health food store, because refrigerated shipping is very time-consuming and expensive.

You can already get SUUR in many organic shops such as denns Biomarkt, Bio Company, LPG, ebl or Erdkorn.

You are also welcome to ask your health food store whether they can order SUUR for you there or ask us - we'll be happy to check it out for you!

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