Karotten-Apfel-Smoothie-Bowl mit Golden Ginger

Carrot Apple Smoothie Bowl with Golden Ginger

We may be called SUUR, but we can also do soet (Low German for sweet): Here comes a carrot and apple smoothie bowl, into which our live shot Golden Ginger brings plenty of living microorganisms.

Puree all the ingredients for the smoothie in the blender⁠.

Taste and place in a bowl.

Serve with the yoghurt, granola and berries.⁠

Bon appetit!

Perfect if you simply want to "smuggle" an extra dose of good microbiotic bacteria into your diet (or that of your loved ones). Already 100 ml of Live-Shot have millions of living lactic acid bacteria in their luggage, which can support your intestinal flora.

Ingredients for one person⁠


1 SUUR Live Shot Golden Ginger⁠

1 small carrot⁠

1 apple⁠

1-2 dates⁠

A handful of light grapes

100 ml plant milk⁠ ⁠

1 tbsp cashew butter⁠

To taste:⁠ lemon juice

Topping: ⁠

Coconut yoghurt⁠, granola⁠, 1 handful of raspberries⁠

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