Karottenlachs-Brötchen mit Kraut

Carrot salmon buns with cabbage

For the sauce, mix together the mayo, soy milk, lemon juice and pepper.⁠ ⁠

Halve the bun.

Spread the bottom half with 1 tablespoon mayo. Top with salmon and cabbage. Drizzle over more mayo. ⁠

Top with cress, close, done!⁠

Bon appetit!

For a person:

1 roll of your choice⁠

2 tbsp Love Craft Herb Garlic & Pepper⁠

2 tbsp carrot salmon (bought here from Riceup Onigiri or homemade, there is a great recipe at Eatthis)⁠

2 tbsp (plant-based) mayo ⁠

1 tbsp soy milk⁠


A squeeze of lemon juice ⁠

cress or dill⁠ ⁠

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