Sandwich mit Frischkäse, Tomaten & Kraut

Sandwich with cream cheese, tomatoes & cabbage

Cabbage on bread is always good. Here is a simple, delicious recipe for tomato season.

Ingredients for 1 person:⁠

1 slice of bread of your choice (here sourdough spelled) ⁠

Cream cheese of your choice mixed with Italian herbs or seasoned

Cream Cheese (here New Roots Garlic & Fine Herbs Cashew Cream Cheese)⁠

Some halved cherry tomatoes (or tomato slices)⁠

1-2 tablespoons SUUR Love Craft Garlic & Pepper (alternatively Kraut Deluxe)⁠

fresh basil⁠

Spread the bread with cream cheese.
Top with the tomatoes and cabbage and sprinkle with basil leaves.⁠

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