Saisonal: Tomatensalat mit Kraut Deluxe

Seasonal: tomato salad with cabbage deluxe

The good old tomato salad. We'll make it a little bit better. With Kraut Deluxe you get extra crunch, mild acidity and living microorganisms. ⁠

SUUR Kraut Deluxe is our very pure version of fermented white cabbage. ⁠
- ⁠Naturally fermented without starter cultures⁠
- slowly matured in small batches at 18°C ​​⁠
- and then filled into the glass unpasteurized. ⁠

This is how sauerkraut becomes cabbage deluxe: finely sour aroma, crunchy bite and full of living microorganisms! ⁠

Alternatively, our Love Craft herb Garlic & Pepper is also suitable for this recipe.⁠

⁠For a bowl:⁠
1 kg tomatoes (prefer sweet varieties such as cherry or cocktail tomatoes) ⁠
1-2 fresh vegetable onions with green (cleaned)⁠
or 1 normal onion (peeled) and 1 spring onion (cleaned)⁠
1/2 glass of SUUR Herb Deluxe⁠
a few sprigs of basil⁠
freshly ground black pepper⁠

4 tbsp olive oil⁠
1 tbsp lemon juice⁠
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar⁠
1 tbsp maple syrup (or more to taste)⁠
2 teaspoons medium hot mustard⁠
salt, pepper⁠

Pour all the ingredients for the dressing into a screw-top jar and mix well, season if necessary and set aside. ⁠

Wash and halve or quarter the tomatoes (depending on their size). ⁠

Cut the onion (and possibly the spring onion) into rings. Pluck the leaves from the basil. Keep a few leaves for decoration.⁠

Mix all the ingredients for the salad with the dressing in a bowl. Top with some basil and black pepper.⁠

Bon appetit!

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